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Luxury Vinyl Affordable Elegance

Benefits: Limitless Choices ~ Water Resistant ~ Stain Resistant ~ Low Cost ~ Low Maintenance ~ DIY Capabilities
Luxury Vinyl resilient flooring is increasingly ecoming a popular choice for flooring. The new vinyl tile, vinyl planks, and sheet vinyl have a realistic look due to 3D advanced high-tech manufacturing processes.    

Swank Floors has a large selection of resilient flooring available with a variety of installation methods.
The new generation of vinyl is attached to a PVC or WPC core designed for glueless installation or areas with  imperfect subfloors. Great choice for a do-it-yourselfers or areas where you need a waterproof replacement for laminate or hardwood.

Luxury Vinyl resilient flooring is available in several price points to fit any style or budget with a variety of wear-layers for both home and business. Swank Floors can assist you in choosing the right product for your application.
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